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Aftercare (Saniderm)

Enhanced Tattoo Aftercare

New tattoos are an open wound, and tattoo aftercare plays a critical role in how efficiently the wound heals and how much color and detail the tattoo ultimately retains. The ideal conditions for a fresh wound are simple: moist and clean. This naturally leads many to use lotions and ointments on cuts, abrasions, and new tattoos.

Unfortunately, lotions and ointments dry up quickly, and they have to be applied multiple times daily. Your tattoo also tends to dry up between each application, which can impede the healing process significantly. When a new tattoo dries up, scabs form. Your skin cells become dehydrated, and cells die. This results in fading, distortion of colors and design, and longer tattoo healing times.

During the healing process, your body tries to keep a wound moist by sending fluids and plasma to the site of the wound. This fluid and plasma becomes ineffective when they dry up, and what eventually forms a scab. This can damage your tattoo and make the healing process uncomfortable.

The purpose of scabbing is to protect the wound from environmental contamination — but that protection comes at a cost. A scab forms a barrier that slows generation of new tissue, so the healing process takes much more time. This also increases the risk of scarring.


Regular tapes or pads do not bend or stretch very well, and they quickly fall off after a small amount of activity. Saniderm tattoo bandages are light, flexible, and stretchable enough that they can be applied anywhere that you tattoo — and they will stay exactly where you place them. It doesn’t matter if it’s on an elbow, knee, armpit, or shoulder; Saniderm tattoo aftercare bandages allow full range of motion so that your new tattoo will not impede your usual activities.

Prevents Tattoo Damage

Saniderm tattoo aftercare, when used properly, will seal in your body’s natural fluids and plasma to keep your tattoo healing. Those fluids keep your cells hydrated so that they can break down dead tissue and remove it more efficiently. This, in turn, stimulates the growth of new cells; and in the end, it reduces the healing time and keeps the finer details of the tattoo crisp and clean.

Easy to Use

Every artist has experienced it: a client is dissatisfied with his or her tattoo, when the truth is, the technical application of the tattoo was fine — the client just didn’t take care of it while it was healing. Traditional tattoo aftercare methods can be time consuming and inconvenient, such as applying lotions multiple times a day, keeping it out of water, and protecting it from environmental irritants.

Saniderm bandages bring much-needed simplicity to the tattoo aftercare process. The process is simple: you apply the Saniderm tattoo bandage after the tattoo is done, and go about your business. You can leave the first bandage on for 8-24 hours, depending on how much it bleeds and weeps.

You can shower like normal, go to work, go to the gym, and continue to do everyday activities with minimal discomfort. After the first bandage, gently clean the tattoo and apply a second bandage. Typically, you can keep the second bandage on anywhere from 3-5 days. Saniderm bandages protect your healing tattoo from scabbing, infection, and other irritants that damage tattoos. Your work stays bright and vibrant, just like you want it to.


Saniderm tattoo bandages are designed and engineered to be permeable to gases — or in other words, breathable. Of course, you don’t actually “breathe” through your skin, but your skin does require a certain amount of oxygen to heal properly. In fact, the outermost layer of skin is almost exclusively supplied by oxygen from the air. The breathability of Saniderm’s bandage is what allows you to wear the same bandage for several days, and allows your skin to continue to function normally. Meanwhile, its protective properties spur increased regeneration of the wound.

Tattoo Aftercare that Protects

There are dirt, germs, and potential irritants everywhere you go. Saniderm bandages provide an impenetrable barrier to protect your new work, and keep you safe from infection. Friction also has a tendency to be quite painful on a fresh tattoo; Saniderm protects from irritation caused by friction, like when clothes or sheets brush against your new tattoo. On the flipside, it also protects clothes and sheets from your weeping wound. Saniderm tattoo aftercare keeps your new tattoo looking and feeling fresh and clean.

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